Webinar: Online marketing

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Description of the webinar:

If you think that marketing activities benefit everyone, you are absolutely right. Most industries build their image through marketing. Positive opinions about their products and services encourage potential customers to decide on a purchase. For many years now, online marketing has allowed less popular companies to develop and has enabled stronger ones to consolidate their position. It encompasses a number of actions and meticulously developed strategies. The worst thing you can do for your company’s marketing is to grope in the dark. Only well-thought-out measures are a guarantee of full success in achieving the goals you’ve set yourself. If you are interested in how to act effectively and avoid making unnecessary mistakes, subscribe to our webinar.

What will you learn?

  1. Preparing an effective brand strategy.
  2. Setting realistic goals.
  3. Developing an action plan.
  4. Building a brand/company image on the Internet.
  5. Acquiring loyal customers.

Available languages:

English, Hungarian, Czech, Hungarian, Romanian, Slovenian, Croatian, Greek, Slovak, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian

Duration of the webinar:

113 minutes

Customer reviews
Christian, aged 25.

“A perfectly prepared webinar – somebody has done a great job.”

Jemma, aged 29.

“Thanks to the knowledge I gained there, I found my dream job as a junior marketing specialist and I’m over the moon.”

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